flow of colours

real time

Circle of Information consist of two interrelated parts. The video-composition is a registration of books in the first public library of Sweden. It shows a flow of colours, created by a travel shot at different speed and distance alongside the books. The second part is a real time registration of the space visited. As one walks across the library he encounters a shelf in which 3 monitors are placed between the books. 2 of them show the travel shot - a similar experience as the visitor just had. The 3th one shows a general view - an different view on the present situation and thus forcing the visitor to be more present. The work is an invitation to think about information and space. The library has been choosen for its public character and its information gathering function. The information is accessible to everyone but the experience and interpretation of it will vary. The amount of books makes it impossible to acces to all of them. The multitude leads to blurryness. The possibility of taking books home breaks the limits imposed by the cylindric building. The taking home implies the ----- of other spaces - being here is also being somewhere else. The structure of the present and its features disappear.