Lieve D'hondt
(°1963, Siegen-Germany)


Lieve D'hondt lives and works in Belgium. Her audio-visual installations and graphic works draw on the classical processes underlying sculpture, drawing and architecture, transposing them to the media and virtual environments and blurring the boundaries between the different disciplines. Forming, de-forming and re-forming, constructing, de-constructing and re-constructing, presence and absence, fragmentation and integration, transposition and relocation, association and dissociation, all play a key part in the artist's reflection on perception, a process that also activates the viewer, triggering physical and mental movement and participation. For several years now most of her projects have focused on the occupation of space, experiencing its meaning and content and that of the surrounding areas and places. She has collaborated in projects with other visual artists, including Almut Rink, Christof Schlegel, Juul Sadée, Maria Blondeel, Rik De Boe, Peter Morrens and Leonidas Martin Saura, and with composer Guy De Bièvre and Esther Venrooy. The work of Lieve D'hondt has been shown inter alia in Cube, Tokyo- Japan 2012 / Cali- Colombia 2012 / Nanjing- China 2009 / Tokyo- Japan 2009 / Helsinki- Finland 2009 / Bat-Yam Museum of Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv- Israel 2009 / Küf/Mold, Rotterdam- The Netherlands 2008 / Festival of Contemporary Art_2008", Varna- Bulgaria / OpenStudio, Wien- Austria 2008 / KunstDoc, Seoul- South Korea 2008 / De Pont, Tilburg- The Netherlands 2008 / Festival of Experimental Art, Tel Aviv– Israël / Loyal-Rooftops-2007, Kassel- Germany 2007 / in Experimental Intermedia, New York-USA 2007 / Netwerk Aalst-Belgium 2007 / Tel Aviv-Israel 2007 / Olso-Norway 2006 / Intro, Maastricht-The Netherlands 2006 / Tbilisi-Georgia 2005 / 4th Gyumri Biennale of Contemporary Art, Gyumri-Armenia 2004 / Observatorio, Morelia-Mexico 2004 / Thailand New Media Art Festival, Bangkok-Thailand 2004 / Galerie CD, Christine De Ketelaere, Tielt-Belgium 2004 / Grand Tour, Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Ghent-Belgium 2003 / Galerie Denise Van de Velde, Aalst-Belgium 2003 / Künstlerhaus, Dortmund-Germany 2003 / Video Art Center Tokyo-Japan 2002 / CCNOA, Brussels-Belgium 2002 / de Warande, Turnhout-Belgium 2001 / Netwerk2, Aalst-Belgium 2001 / Surge Gallery, Tokyo-Japan 2001 / Stockholm-Sweden 2000 / 'room104', Nijmegen-Netherlands 2000 /, Brussels-Belgium 2000 / 'Axis', Yoghyakarta, Jakarta, Singapore 1997 / 'Trapped Reality', Barcelona-Spain 1997 / 'Speelhoven 97', Aarschot-Belgium 1997 / Rosas, Breda-The Netherlands 1996 / 'Barabaro', Florence-Italy 1989. /
Curator: experimental intermedia Gent -- Orpheus Instituut Gent



Sculpture - Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten, Ghent (1983-1986) -- Bursary Comacina, Italy (1995) -- Video course (1996) -- Bursary Stockholm, Sweden (2000) -- Master Mixed Media, Hogeschool, Departement Architectuur, Audiovisuele en Beeldende Kunst, Ghent (1998-2000)


Solo exhibitions

# Triangle, intervention, Midoun Djerba, Tunesia
Source, intervention, Station Brussels
Histoire, installation, drawings and colored wooden sticks, Zoo, Gent
17 Robots, book presentation and installation: drawings and objects, Croxhapox Gent
2017  Shout,
performance co with Maria Degrève, Loket, Nest, former City Library, Gent
Studio, installation and drawings, Galerie Tsjeljoeskin, Academie Noord, Brasschaat
2015  Drawings, CC Stroming, Berlare
2014  Works, Flux, Luik
2013  kunstenaar in de kijker, KIH, Antwerpen
2007  videoScreening, Experimental Intermedia NY, New York- USA
2006  plaatsCC, installation, CC Stroming, Evergem
2005  White, installation, White-Out Studio, Knokke

2004  crox04, window installation, instalraam Crox, Ghent -- M-04, installation, Observatorio, Morelia- Mexico
D-03, architectural intervention, Künstlerhaus, Dortmund- Germany
2001  j-codes, installation, Surge Gallery, Puddles, Tokyo- Japan -- plaats-T, architectural intervention, de Warande, Turnhout
2000  Circle of Information, video installation, City Library Stockholm- Sweden
1999  Open Construction C, drawings and video, Croxhapox, Ghent
1995  Tekeningen LD, drawings, paintings and objects, Ciap Galerij, Hasselt
1994  LDzt, drawings, paintings and objects, Huyse Jacobus, Ghent -- MM, installation: drawings, paintings and objects, Galerij De Ziener, Asse
1988  Landscape, installation: drawings, paintings and objects, Netwerk Galerij, Aalst
1983  Beelden, sculptures, Window exhibition, Ghent


Group exhibitions

2020 a light blue small, object for Huis M.B., Gent -- Skip, in collaboration with sabine oosterlinck, video performance, P/ROPS Gent -- Triage, collaboration and inititative of Maria Degrève, Lieve D’hondt and Freya Maes, photo-project in empty vitrines in Gent -- Buy Local, Kunsthal Gent

2019 Fluid space, memory folded, installlation with vases, Vitrines d'Amour, Gent -- Shout#3, performance ic Maria Degrève, The Collection, Highlights for a Future, 20 year, Happening, museum S.MA.K., Gent -- WWS19, textile work co Juul Sadée, ZOO window gallery, Gent -- salon BL, Begijnhof, Gent -- Venezia19, intervention, Venice

2018 Love to Love, installlation, drawings, Vitrines d'Amour, Gent -- Shout, The object doesn't exist, curated by sabine oosterlick- P/ROPS, performance ic Maria Degrève, Nucleo, Gent -- watercolour room, hisk, Gent

2017 illuminate, installlation, object, open studio, ZOO, Gent -- Omaggio ai caduti, two works at Fondazione Lac o le Mon, curated by Laura Perrone, San Cesario, Italy -- The Memory of Stones, onderweg, CC Zwaneberg, Heist op den Berg -- Food text, collaboration with Emilio Fantin, Shervin Kianersi HaghighI, Alma Fantin, Arianna Fantin, Cinzia di Meglio,"Recipes", Greenway, Leuven

2016 Flags, Homage `Ingres, War Party, Museum Night Fever, Royal Army and Military History Museum, Brussels -- Lost and Found, De Laatste Show, Vookamer, Lier -- Fluid space, memory folded & A summer river being crossed, European Triënnial for Ceramics and Glass, WCC-BF, Abbatoirs, Mons * -- Hommage M2, Blauw, Stedelijke Kunstacademie Tielt -- Vase, table and words, No Comment, curator P.R.E.S.T.I.G.E., Gent -- Auction Croxhapox / SMAK, Gent

2015 Meer dan een, editions 2015, Lieve D’hondt, Rein Dufait, Glenn Geerinck, Ingrid Godon, Ria Pacquée, Sarha & Charles, V&S, Laura Van, Patrick Vanden Eynde, Ruth Van Beek, Familie Van Dijck, Voorkamer, Lier -- Wind #3, Charlotte Boeman, Frans Heirbaut, Jan Stremes, Jacques Neve, Lieve D'hondt, Lut Vandebosse, Nadine Tasseel, Patrick Vanden Eynde, Paulette Tacke, Robert De keersmaecker, Dacca, Temse -- Lucht, drawings and aquarel, De Vierkante Zaal, Sint-Niklaas -- Model Paviljoen Beaufort, mixed media, Blankenberge

2014 The book as an, Nikolaas Demoen, Lieve D'hondt, Elias Hueninck, Lisa Spilliaert, Egon Van Herreweghe, Karel Verhoeven, Copyright Bookshop, Gent -- Souvenirs, Christine Van der Heyden, In Den Bouw, Kalken

2013 Vases, group exhibition "ik wordt" Johan De Wilde, Voorkamer, Lier -- Previous Future, book presentation and installation, Loods12, Wetteren

2012 Lugar a Dudas - video : maria degrève, marc de blieck, lieve d'hondt, Cali- Colombia -- Sans Gêne, Leo Copers, Marc De Blieck, Maria Degrève, Lieve D’hondt, Dialogist-Kantor, Wannes Lecompte, Rik Moens, Lucie Renneboog, Peter Rogiers, Walter Swennen, Dominique Thirion, Wieze -- Two Prints, video, CineClub November with André Colinet, Lieve D'hondt, Stéfan Piat, Beatrijs Albers & Reggy Timmermans, Dominique Van de Vorst, Shanglie Zhou, Brussels

2010 Contrapunt – Paul Van Gysegem, M. Cloet, B. Decq, S. Dheedene, L. D'hondt, J. Tahon, J. Van Oost, Berlare -- ROSE, Bernard Villers, Brussels -- Drawings, Comeback, Künstlerhaus, Dortmund-Germany -- A GROUP SHOW, by Hans Demeulenaere, SECONDroom, Gent

2009 Early Heaven – video ic Almut Rink and Christof Schlegel, Nanjing, Tokyo and Helsinki, Beppu, Oita, Japan -- reunion, videoprojection, Laptopia#5, Bat-Yam Museum of Contemporary art, Tel-Aviv- Israel -- 10+2,5 jaar, editions, Voorkamer, Lier -- Werner Cuvelier, video 'het binnen deel2', Voorkamer, Lier -- Blue Garden, artist book, launche at Kiosk/Kask, Gent -- Green Sea, drawing installation, international group exhibition Küf/Mold, Rotterdam- The Netherlands -- Avril 2009, drawing on wall, Frederic Geurts solo + Associations by Voorkamer, z33, Hasselt

2008 white light, Shots, Hasselt -- orientation, video, EI Huis, Gent -- boek/beeld, artist books, Literaire Lente in Gent, Hotel D'haene-Steenhuyse, Gent -- touch, video, Videoscreening "saw - some are watching" at “product– Festival of Contemporary Art_2008", Varna- Bulgaria -- Early Heaven, video, ic with Almut Rink and Christof Schlegel, OpenStudio, Wien- Austria -- passage_west, KunstDoc, Seoul-South Korea -- küf/mold, Gent, in 'de centrale', in nathalie e and in gallery Jan Colle, Gent -- White-The Spiral Staircase, audio-video concert ic with Esther Venrooy, De Pont, Tilburg- The Netherlands

2007 integratie, proposal, Netwerk, Aalst -- reunion, video, Interval: Festival of Experimental Art, Tel Aviv- Israel -- Early Heaven, video, ic with Almut Rink and Christof Schlegel, Art Basel Videothek, Basel-Switserland -- touch, video, Loyal-Rooftops-2007, Kassel -Germany -- touch, video, küf-mold, Grand Bazar, org Istanbul - Turkey -- White-The Spiral Staircase, audio-video concert ic with Ester Venrooy, Entr'act, Netwerk, Aalst --

2006 ERS05 sounds, sound performance with Juul Sadée, Intro, Maastricht- The Netherlands -- Basics#2, Croxhapox co. C.O.R.N.E.L.I.A., Oudenaarde -- enjoy it, text video, 2 step, Kunstnernes Hus co. CCNOA, Oslo- Norway -- 1485 bloesems, installation, Den Bouw, Kalken -- orpheus06, installation, Orpheus Instituut, Gent -- Brainbox unit 5, installation and poster edition, Eva-Maria Bogaert, Lieve D'hondt, Pieter Vermeersch, Croxhapox, Gent -- Avril, wall drawing and edition, Voorkamer, Lier

2005 enjoy it, text video edition, moltimultipli, CCNOA, Brussels -- ERS05, Artist in residence with Juul Sadée, Mas de Charrou- France -- thanks to the public, video projection, FrictiesVenster, Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Ghent -- tijd, computerproject, event #01: 24u, Kunstencentrum Netwerk Galerij, Aalst -- ERS05, presentation and installation with J. Sadée, Mas de Charrou- France -- Basics#2, Croxaphox, Ghent -- Small, Art Caucasus, Tbilisi- Georgia -- window, video, International Festival of Audio- and Visual arts Volgograd, Russia -- ERS05 laser, video with Juul Sadée, International Festival of Audio- and Visual arts Volgograd, Russia -- Nanjing P, street performance with A. Rink and Ch. Schlegel, Nanjing- China

2004 molti multipli, CCNOA, Brussels -- Bosque, video, International Festival of Audio- and Visual Arts Volgograd, Russia -- enjoy it-A, 4th Gyumri International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Gyumri- Armenia -- Mapping, intervention, A_Garden, Brussels* -- Bulkhead Sound Watch, video, Sound Watch video project by W3, Surge Gallery, Tokyo- Japan -- Groen-HT04, installation, De tuin van Teirlinck, Herman Teirlinckhuis, Beersel* -- Shopping IR, video, Thailand New Media Art Festival 2004, Bangkok- Thailand -- Garden, installation, Galerie CD, Christine De Ketelaere, Tielt

2003 Japan, video, Puddles internationaal exchange project, Lier -- Close Area-tr, video projection, Second Festival of Alternative Art, Morelia Michoacan- Mexico -- Reunion, video projection, argosfestival, argos, Brussels* -- Reunion, video projection, festival arte visual/sonoro, Solaris, Morelia- Mexico -- mapping MSKG, installation, Grand Tour, Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Gent -- Yellow, installation and drawings, Lieve D'hondt and Francis Denys, Galerie Denise Van de Velde, Aalst

2002 compilation video, Video Marathon, Chisinau-Moldova -- Signs, window intervention with Erik D'hondt, erst 1 dann 2, Künstlerhaus, Dortmund- Germany -- IT IS, One-minute video, Art et Television, teleNICC, Brussels -- Low Fish, live video and sound performance by Rik De Boe and Peter Morrens- guest Lieve D'hondt, Experimental Intermedia, Fricties Festival, Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Gent -- orientation, Sight-mapping, Site-seeing, international video exchange project, Puddles, Experimental Intermedia and Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Fricties Festival, Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Gent -- Off-Lines, video, über lesen, Künstlerhaus, Dortmund- Germany -- Jaune, intervention, Staal, org. Netwerk Galerij, Galerie Duchamp, Yvetot- France* -- Infra Red, video installation, E.N.E.R.G.I.E., Brussels* -- enjoy it, text video, 2 step, international audio and video project, CCNOA, Brussels -- orientation, Sight-mapping, Site-seeing, international video exchange project, Puddles, W3 and Video Art Center Tokyo, Tokyo- Japan -- ccnoa2002, installation and video, CCNOA, Brussels

2001 IM, mm installation, international exchange project IM(7-9/9), Waterschei -- plaats-B, intervention, Casarural, De Pianofabiek, Brussels -- To Wander and video NTW2, Vlam, Netwerk2, Aalst -- She wrote, intervention, Table, Bristol- UK -- roomPR, multimedia project with Maria Blondeel, Peter Morrens and Rik De Boe, Voorkamer, Lier -- A-doc, installation, Schluss, NICC, Antwerp

2000 room104, interactive installation in collaboration with Maria Blondeel, Hotel, Nijmegen- The Netherlands* -- What about time, interactive sound installation / Yellow archive, drawing / Parcours el.tijd, electronic clock object, Geen Tijd, Voorkamer, Lier -- Circle of Information Bxl, with Guy De Bièvre, internet project: Video and music exchange between artists from Bologna, Prague, Reykjavik and Brussels, Among, Brussels -- Off-Lines, One-minute video collaboration Leónidas Martín Saura, teleNICC, television* -- IT IS, One-minute video, teleNICC, television* -- Because of the distance, video installation cloakroom of the theater, Theater Festival Oostende 2000, Theater Illusie, Ostend -- To remember facts, to change facts, object, 10 years Croxhapox, Gent -- Video's, video installation, Netwerk Galerij, Aalst

1999 Open Construction V, video, De nieuwe frisheid, Huize Mallego, Ninove

1998 Parcours, installation several locations in town, Onix Shoe, Experimental Intermedia-Ghent and Voorkamer, Lier* -- Railway station- Project, installation including video in railway station, Aarschot*

1997 ON, mixed media installation including video "mould", Trapped Reality, curator Luk Lambrecht, Santa Monica, Barcelona- Spain* -- Open Construction O, object and drawing installation, Speelhoven '97, Aarschot* -- Open Construction I, installation: objects and drawings, Alom en Hiernevens, Experimental Intermedia-Gent and Voorkamer, Lier* -- Books, object installation, Axis, Tra Mundi, Yoghyakarta, Jakarta, Singapore*

1996 Gewicht van het beeld, object installation, 101 Open Deuren, Croxhapox, Ghent -- Aankopen van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap 1994-1995, Mukha, Antwerp* -- Open Construction a, van Stof tot Asse, Galerij De Ziener, Asse* -- Grids, object installation, Stichting Rosa, Breda- The Netherlands -- Room-B, object installation, Rik De Boe, Lieve D'hondt, Ellen Ane Eggen, Alexandra Jaquet, Lucia Penninckx, Netwerk Galerij, Aalst

1995 Grey, drawing, Accrochage, Galerij De Ziener, Asse

1994 ENZ, Netwerk Galerij, Aalst -- Johan Huys- improvisation concert : W. Cuvelier, J. De Wit, L. D'hondt, Ch. Fink, E. Hoorn, H. Somers, F. Van Isacker, Logos, hent

1993 Zd/l, mixed media installation, van Stof tot Asse, Asse -- Werner Cuvelier and Lieve D'hondt, Netwerk Galerij, Aalst

1992 Hand, 91 x 25 Drawingbook, Aalst, Gent, Ostend, Menen, Kalken* -- B.L., sculpture, Kryptiek, Ronse* 1991 -- Table A, sculpture, A(rt)ssenede, Assenede*

1989 E.G., mixed media installation, Barabaro 89, Flux-Liège, Florence- Italy* -- Watchers, landscape installation, A(rt)ssenede, Assenede*

1988 Fragments, installation, Iritis 88, Flux, Liège* -- Hotel d'Hane Steenhuyse-G, installation in garden, Sculpture parcours 'van Marissal tot Vlerick', Gent

1985 Tekeningen, drawings, Vereniging van het Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst, Gent*

1984 Drawing Laureate, Ronse *


* publication